With Robin Barnes, music is ingrained into the very fabric of her being; it’s in her blood. 

With a voice that is as powerful with a whisper as it is with a scream, Robin Barnes is ready to stun audiences, whether it be at her weekly live New Orleans jazz shows at the Windsor Court, Hotel Monteleone and the House of Blues, Foundation Room, or at shows around the world.

Her most recent release, Songbird Sessions, a tribute to New Orleans jazz music greats and inspirations, debuted at #5 on the Traditional Jazz Albums Billboard charts and #8 on the Current Jazz Albums charts. 

Some people were born to sing! That couldn’t be more true for Robin Barnes. There’s a reason why she’s called ‘The Songbird of New Orleans.’ With her career taking off, the world is her stage.
— Jeanie Riess, Gambit Weekly

The female jazz vocalist from New Orleans grew up in a household of musicians with her family’s jazz band, The Soul Heirs, and her cousin Dave Bartholomew (who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his role in producing early rhythm and blues song), and she is honored to be the next generation of jazz music greats coming out of her city.

“Growing up, all the children at my church were encouraged to join choir,” says Robin. “The first mass after my mom made me join (yes, she made me), I was given a solo in ‘Ave Maria.’ I closed my eyes and sung my heart out and when I opened them, I only looked at my mother. She was crying along with the rest of the congregation. That’s when I realized how moving music was and that I wanted to sing for the rest of my life.”

As Robin got older and mainstream music began to take hold, Robin was able to marry the two forms of music to create her own unique blend and creating the Songbird. Now she’s ready to stun new audiences with her sultry blend of funky jazz, soul and R&B music. By captivating audiences with her renditions of popular songs and contemporary classics, she makes each show her own.

Most recently, she’s been featured on ESPN, BET, Forbes, Southwest Magazine, Travel & Leisure, and Southern Living. She was an artist to watch in 2015 according to Gambit Weekly and is a New Orleans Tourism Ambassador. Robin was voted Favorite New Orleans Musician by New Orleans magazine, beating out other New Orleans jazz greats.